Avenue 48


Avenue 48


Our terrace of over 700 sqm offers you the possibility to decorate it according to the theme of your event and create any kind of set-ups, either with sofas, dining or cocktail tables, bars, candy bars or photo corners.
In addition to this, the green spaces and the surrounding nature create a marvelous atmosphere on the terrace, which becomes the perfect area for relaxing and socializing.


Avenue 48 has a private and secured parking!
We created exclusively for our customers and guests 120 available parking places and we can also provide valet parking. The parking area is close to the entrance of the venue, so it helps you avoid the uncomfortable situation of leaving your car in the few allowed parking areas on Soseaua Pipera, where the traffic is extremely crowded.


Avenue 48 is a premium location that excels in gastronomy, because our team takes into account two extremely important aspects!
We have our own kitchen, which means we do not work with catering and our food is always fresh and prepared by a culinary art expert. At the moment, Chef Mohammad creates savory menus and platings  become artworks!


The impeccable service we provide rank us among the most premium locations!
At Avenue 48, we respect our customers and we know how important the promptness is. That is why each table has its own waiter, so that the guests will not have to wait for their food or drinks.


Nothing compares to the eye of a specialist who has a relevant experience in the field and puts passion into organizing private events.
And because our story was born from the dream of many people sharing the same passion, we are sure that at Avenue 48, every client will be more than satisfied with the involvement, dedication and professionalism with which he is treated.
Whether it’s a wedding, a baptism or a private event, our team of event planners and wedding planners will assure the best services, for FREE and even more than you expect.
Because our effort is your success!


No matter how good a venue looks like, the details dictate the final aspect. Besides the quality of the objects, the refinement of the design and the color diversity, the setup of Avenue 48 is a modular one, which means that all these objects can be “decomposed” and rearranged so that they create the feeling of a bigger space. In addition, secluded areas can be created to provide privacy or simply to cover spaces that you do not want to be visible.


Avenue 48 welcomes you with everything you need for a live concert, a conference, a product launch, or any other private event. We can offer you, on demand, state-of-the-art audio-video systems, scene, lights, LED screens and all the technical support.
We do our best to satisfy all our clients, we work with the best suppliers, we offer qualified and professional staff and last but not least, we welcome you with the most advantageous offers, plus our full support in organizing your private event, from A to Z.


Because we value the details, we made sure that we can offer to our customers 100% of what they want or what they might need.
For the events organized in the cold season we provide a spacious wardrobe and for the comfort of those who choose us, Avenue 48 has a spacious parking, guarded throughout the event, with over 120 seats located just next to the entrance of the venue.

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